• Title Board Bylaw Administrative Regulation Exhibit
    Role of the Board (Power and Responsibilities) 9000BB    
    Public Statements 9010BB    
    Disclosure of Confidential/Privileged Information 9011BB    
    Organization 9100BB    
    Terms of Office 9110BB     
    President 9121BB    
    Secretary 9122BB    
    Clerk 9123BB    
    Attorney 9124BB    
    Board Committees 9130BB    
    Board Representatives 9140BB    
    Members (Limits of Authority) 9200BB    
    Governing Board Elections 9220BB    
    Recruiting New Board Members    9221BB    
    Resignation  9222BB    
    Filling Vacancies 9223BB   9223E
    Oath or Affirmation 9224BB    
    Orientation 9230BB    
    Board Development 9240BB    
    Remuneration, Reimbursement and Other Benefits 9250BB   9250E
    Legal Protection 9260BB    
    Conflict of Interest (includes nepotism) 9270BB    
    Code of Ethics 9271BB    
    Governance 9300BB    
    Policy Manual 9310BB    
    Board Policies 9311BB 9311AR  
    Board Bylaws 9312BB    
    Administrative Regulations 9313BB    
    Suspension of Policies, Bylaws, Administrative Regulations 9314BB    
    Meetings and Notices (includes posting requirements) 9320 BB   9320E
    Closed Session Purposes and Agendas 9321 BB    
    Closed Session Actions and Reports 9321.1BB    
    Agenda/Meeting Materials (includes construction, posting, advance delivery) 9322 BB    
    Meeting Conduct 9323BB    
    Actions by the Board 9323.2BB   9323.2E
    Minutes and Recordings 9324 BB     
    Board Self-Evaluation 9400BB