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GATE Program


Mission Statement


The mission of the Jefferson School Districts Gifted and Talented Education Program is to provide gifted and talented students differentiated instruction that is commensurate with their abilities.  The District will establish programs for gifted and talented students to work together under the guidance of trained teachers in an atmosphere that is intellectually and academically rigorous, fosters creativity, and provides emotional support.




The purpose of the GATE program in the Jefferson School District is to provide appropriate learning opportunities for students identified in the intellectual, creative and high achievement categories and to help them develop into autonomous, lifelong learners.  The GATE program is designed to:

  • Challenge students to achieve high academic standards
  • Develop as critical thinkers
  • Develop independent and cooperative learning habits
  • To work with their intellectual peers for a portion of their school experience


Belief Statements


°         GATE students will be clustered together to provide opportunities to work with students of similar abilities.

°         GATE students will receive instruction from classroom teachers trained in differentiated instruction.

°         The GATE program will stimulate creative abilities, develop higher-level thinking processes, and provide opportunities to pursue interests.


Authors of the GATE Plan


The JSD GATE Plan was written by classroom teachers, parents and administrators on the GATE Advisory committee.  The plan was approved by the board of Trustees.  The Advisory Committee reviews the plan annually to discuss standards, students needs, set goals and program logistics.  The GATE plan and GATE brochure are available to parents at all school sites, the district office, accessible on the JSD website.


Program Design


GATE students are recognized through a variety of identification options.  State standards and district guidelines are used to plan instruction and curriculum that is organized as an integrated, differentiated learning experience within the regular school

day.  The JSD educators work toward developing a vision excellence. Our GATE students are provided an enriched and challenging curriculum at all grade levels.

°         Gifted and high achieving students in the seventh and eighth grades are provided differentiated opportunities through core curriculum.  Electives and acceleration in math are available.  Geometry and Algebra are offered to students who are ready and prepared for this challenge.

°         Teachers meet with GATE students informally to provide on-going assessment and to allow the students to work beyond the level of concepts and skills they have already mastered. 

°         Students who have been identified by any of the three criteria; intellectual, creative, or high achievement ability are eligible participants of the program.

°         Students may work individually, in small groups and as a whole class on the grade-level content standards, but at different levels of ability.

°         Students are clear on the expected outcomes of their learning and students are encourage to self assess.

°         Before or after school enrichment programs and summer school academies are available for identified students in grades 3-8.

°         Leadership opportunities are provided to students through cooperative class activities, student government, community service and a range of athletic activities.

°         Students participate in Artist in Residence supported by Parents Club and School Site council.

°         Gifted and high achieving students are encouraged to participate in Science Olympiad, Academic Pentathlon, Whiz Kids, Science Faire, and Spelling Bee.

°         Various assemblies are arranged for students.


The GATE program involves the school district, the  home and the community.  Administrators at all school with conjunction with the GATE coordinator  coordinate the overall GATE program.  A GATE Lead teacher at each site and administration will provide more specific support to teachers, students and parents through newsletters, workshops, informational meetings and individual conferencing.  Parents are active partners in the districts GATE program.  They help to plan and evaluate the program, volunteer in classrooms, and are encouraged to participate in School Site Councils, attend JSD board meetings and Parents Club.