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       The Jefferson School District will deliver a quality education, providing the academic foundation for students to become lifelong learners as well as moral, ethical and compassionate people.  A partnership of staff, students, parents and the community will prepare students to be engaged, responsible citizens and productive members of our global community.


       The mission of the Jefferson School District is to provide a safe, equitable, engaging and rewarding environment where students, teachers and parents partner in student programs that emphasize academics, physical fitness and the arts.  The result of this effort is to challenge students to be life long learners that are positive and productive citizens, prepared for life beyond Jefferson School District who themselves care about education.


    · We believe our impact on today’s student affects tomorrow’s society.

    · We believe the best interest of students should come first in our decision making as a district.

    · We believe in setting and supporting high expectations for learning and challenging students to achieve their ultimate success.

    · We believe in personal accountability.

    · We believe we should provide an education that is well rounded in both academics and extra-curricular options for students, parents and teachers to engage.

    · We believe in planning for the future without forgetting the past.

    · We believe the best education is provided with a fully participating community.

    · We believe in creating a desirable work place where people are valued, respected and challenged.

    · We believe we are responsible to ensure a safe environment for our students, staff and families.