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    Our Mission What we do

    We take collective responsibility for ensuring all students achieve at high levels.

     Our Vision What we want to be

    We want to be a collaborative, interdependent school district, focused on student learning to meet the mission of the Jefferson School District. We envision a district in which staff:

    • Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to developing the whole child (Whole Child)
    • Seek and implement research-based strategies for improving student learning on a continual basis   (Research-based)
    • Monitor each student’s progress and ensure mastery of all essential standards (Ensure Mastery)

     Our Core Values What we believe

    • We believe the best interest of students shall come first in our decision making as a district
    • We believe that all students can master the essential standards given individualized support and time
    • We believe that a quality education is well rounded in academics, performing arts, extra-curricular activities, and social emotional skills
    • We believe the best education is provided by a fully engaged community
    • We believe the District is a desirable work place where people are valued, respected and challenged
    • We believe we are responsible to ensure a safe environment for our students, staff and families

     Our Goals What we want to achieve

    Goal One: Pupil Outcomes

    Ensure that all students are college and career ready by providing rigorous, relevant, and differentiated instruction that academically challenges all students and develops citizenship, leadership, and innovative thinking.

    Goal Two: Pupil Engagement

    Foster positive relationships between staff, students, parents, and the community as part of a successful learning environment.

    Goal Three: Conditions of Learning

    Provide highly qualified staff, standards aligned curriculum, up to date technology, and modern school facilities that are maintained in good repair.

     Learning today…Leading tomorrow.