Could your child's school day be impacted by their asthma?

    If your child suffers from asthma, please consider talking to their doctor about medications they should have available to them during school hours. You can ask them for a prescription for school, or take our school form to request physician's authorization for medications to be taken at school (see below). With parent and physician authorization, staff can assist your child with their medication(s) during school hours. If they can take their medication independently, we kindly request that parent and physician authorization is completed to designate that they may self-administer their medication. We appreciate your assistance in obtaining this prescription for school as without it, students are not permitted to carry or self-administer medication(s) and staff cannot assist to administer any medication for safety reasons. (California Education Code 33308.5, 49400, 49423)

    Please be sure to talk to your child's school nurse about your child's medication so that an asthma action plan (like the one to the left) can be developed to help your child stay healthy and safe at school. Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to a healthy and safe school year!