•  Request for Quotation - 2019/ 20 Windows Laptops/Desktops

     JSD Request for Quotation RFQ # JSD-0220-01


    1. Is there any preference for or against Dell for this RFQ? 
      • No manufacturer will be given preference over another provided the proposed hardware meets the minimum specifications detailed in the RFQ. 
    2. What PC management tools are currently in place to manage PC related infrastructure?
      • . This RFQ is for hardware only, management applications are beyond the scope of this request.
    3. How do I locate which Purchasing Agreement would has the best pricing for Dell, Lenovo?
      • . It is the vendor's responsibility to obtain pricing for proposed hardware.
    4. How do I learn of on-boarding for a specific Purchasing Agreement?
      • . This information is not provided by Jefferson School District.
    5. The main thing I wanted to ask you about was if you and your district would be open to open-box units. I know you have “new” listed on the bid but these open-box units are going to save you 20-30% at least. More importantly, there isn’t a downgrade in quality as these units are basically new units that have shipped from Dell but were returned as they weren’t sold in the market (overstock items). In fact, most of these units haven’t even been used before. This product group is something we excel at here at Troxell-CDI and have been supplying to our customers for over 35 years.
      • . Open box items will not be accepted as a qualified bid.

          6. Are you accepting bids with refurbished equipment?

    • Refurbished equipment will not be accepted as a qualified bid.

          7. For the desktops, do you guys prefer a Small Form Factor or Tiny/Mini/Micro Desktop?

    • All desktop size configurations will be considered as long as they meet the specs detailed in the RFP.

          8. Will you also split up the reward? Say desktops to one vendor and laptops to another?

    • The RFQ award will not be split. One vendor will be selected to deliver all the requested items.

          9. After a winning respondent is chosen and if the district decided to purchase the hardware when would a PO be issued? Currently manufacturers                  are in the middle of transitioning models and I want to ensure we quote you the current model.

    • We expect to issue a PO to the winning bid mid-late March

          10.  The RFQ list 500GB SSD for the minimum specs for the desktop. Can you confirm if you mean 500GB HDD or 512GB SSD.

    • 512GB SSD is acceptable

          11. Can you let us know what type of user the laptops and desktops are for. We want to ensure you get the most cost effective model. Students,                    teachers, administrators, etc.

    • These laptops will be deployed to teachers and supporting staff

          12.Would we be able to provide multiple options (same brand) for the laptops/desktops/monitors? For example, two models for laptops and two models          for desktops.

    •  No, vendors may only propose 1 option per bid.  Multiple options will be disqualified.