• In our ongoing efforts to provide parents themost information possible regarding the educational development of theirchild/children, Jefferson School District successfully opened our Parent Portal on September 15,2008.  Parents can create an online account to view specific informationfor their child(ren) in Grades 4-8


    Demographics, emergency contacts, grades and attendance are amongst theexciting areas to review using the Parent Portal.   We hope you havelogged in and explored the information available to you via our ParentPortal.  This is a wonderful way to stay connected to your child’slearning and educational progression. 


    The Jefferson School District believes that frequent, proactivehome-school communication is critical to student success.  Teachers are encouraged to regularly updateAeries with grading of Daily Assignments and Homework to ensure parents havethe most up to date information to support their child.


    Teachers will post grades for Major Assignments (projects that take morethan one day to complete and are not typical of a daily assignment) no laterthan two weeks from the due date.


    The parent portal grades drop down will close on the last day of eachtrimester and reopen after report cards have been sent home or distributed toparents at conferences.  A global messagewill display letting parents know that information may not be up to date duringthe time that teachers are finalizing grades.


    Parents are encouraged to frequently consult Aeries to better partnerwith their child’s teacher(s) and to contact that teacher if a plan is neededto support their child.


    Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our System Administrator at JeffersonSIS@jsdtracy.com