Jefferson School District

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Bus Rules 





·         Be on time. NEVER run to or from the bus.  Arrive at least 5 minutes before bus.


·         Stand back from the curb. No pushing or shoving while at the bus stop or while boarding or departing.  Wait for the driver’s signal before crossing. ALWAYS stand/cross at least (12) ten feet from the bus.


·         DO NOT bring on the bus any glass containers, balloons, skateboards, bats, balls, radios (including I-pods, cell phones or electronics of any kind), live animals, live insects or materials of any kind that could cause harm to other students or distract the driver.


·         STAY IN YOUR SEAT! DO NOT stand or change seats while bus is in motion. Stay in your seat, feet on the floor, face forward, and sit upright. Do not change seats without the permission of the driver. DRIVER IS AUTHORIZED TO ASSIGN SEATS!


·         NEVER crawl under a school bus.


·         DO NOT yell, shout or use profanity.


·         DO NOT fight. NO horseplay. DO NOT annoy others.


·         DO NOT eat, drink, chew gum, or litter on the bus.


·         Keep all body parts inside the bus.


·         DO NOT bring tobacco (including E-cigs or any electronic or vapor product), alcohol or weapons on the bus.


·         DO NOT deface the bus in any way (including writing, cutting or sticking things to seats or walls). PARENTS WILL BE CHARGED FOR DAMAGES!


·         For safety reasons, crutches are allowed ONLY if the rider can board and depart bus WITHOUT use of the crutches.


·         All students must show their bus pass before entering the bus.



Violation of the above actions will result in:

     -Verbal warning

     -Written citation with copy sent home to parent(s) to sign

     -3 day suspension – parent(s) contacted

     -10 day suspension – parent(s) contacted

     -Termination – no transportation for remainder of year


Students may be given IMMEDIATE suspension or termination from the bus, depending upon the severity of the student’s actions.