• 2022-2023 ASB Officers and Representatives


    President ~ Avni Gahonia

    Vice President ~ Bailey Sauers

    Secretary ~ Jillian Pereira

    Treasurer ~  Andrea Ruiz

    8th Grade Reps ~ Ananya Pradeep & Inika Ahmed

    7th Grade Reps ~ Diya Chemudugunta, & Mady Meyers

    6th Grade Reps ~  Max Chan, Colin Lardizabal, & Lourdes Masanes Marun

    5th Grade Reps ~ Zoe Asido, Natalie Hohn, Arleigh Mallory & Cataleya Owens

     ASB Coordinators 
    Renae Potts (rpotts@jsdtracy.com)
    Shawntai Robertson (srobertson@jsdtracy.com)

    Jefferson ASB Mission Statement:

    ·         To increase student participation and school spirit by promoting a strong sense of respect, communication, accountability, and responsibility.

    ·         Utilize the various individual strengths of the ASB leadership developing stronger community ties and pride in Jefferson School.

    ·       Represent the best interest of the student body.

    What is ASB?

    ASB is a student run organization that focuses on providing a fun, safe learning environment for all students. We create unique learning environments to encourage students to do their best and contribute to the school.

    What do we do?

    Every year there are goals that we work towards to improve the school. The Jefferson ASB card is available for student entrance into school sponsored dances, athletic events, and plays.  This year's ASB team will be responsible for planning and coordinating school dances, rallies, community service opportunities, and lunch time activities. We believe that 2019/2020 will be the best year yet at Jefferson School!