• 7th & 8th Grade Students,

    CJSF membership is based on scholarship and is gained after qualifying grades are earned each trimester. In order to become a member, the student must submit an application each trimester the student is eligible. A point system specified by the CJSF State By-Laws establishes the membership requirements.

    A student establishes membership by earning academic points. The number of points earned must be twice the number of academic subjects in which the student is enrolled. (ie: 10 points must be earned by a student enrolled in 5 eligible subjects.) No CJSF points shall be given for Physical Education or Electives. Grades earned in summer school, repeated or remedial subjects do not count for CJSF points, but grades in these subjects must be a C or better. You may be disqualified from membership based on poor citizenship. It is the advisor or principal’s decision to determine disbarment.

    In order to be recognized during 8th grade graduation activities for this honor, students must meet membership requirements twice during their 7th grade academic year and twice during their 8th grade academic year. Honorary members will receive a certificate, pin, cord, and will be seated in the front of peers at graduation.

    If you are an 8th grader that needs Trimester 3 of the current school year to count towards CJSF qualification, you must request that the Trimester 3 grades be considered when you turn in your Trimester 2 application. If in this position, you will not receive recognition at Honors Night, but will be honored at the graduation ceremony, as Honors Night is prior to final grade reporting.

    CJSF trimester points are calculated based on the grades as follows:
            A = 3 CJSF points
            B = 1 CJSF points
            C or pass = 0 CJSF points
            D or lower = will disqualify a student from membership for the trimester

    Please contact Ms. Clayton, our CJSF advisor, at cclayton@jsdtracy.com with any questions.



    Mr. Strickland, Principal