Middle school is a time for adolescents to make choices, but also to rely on the guidance and counsel of adults who are important in their lives. In a world where many students routinely face challenging situations that require practical social skills and strength of character, trends in education are supporting programs like Project Wisdom that teach concepts such as integrity, respect, confidence, courage, honesty, and diligence. Emerging data indicates that effective character education improves academic achievement.


    Jefferson School will continue to utilize Project Wisdom and has decided to incorporate the character education themes into the classroom through weekly writing prompts and class discussions. The program will be used as the basis for character education and bullying prevention. As in previous years, students will hear a short message containing a quotation from a historic figure, celebrity, modern hero or other notable voice that reinforces the theme of the week. In addition, the weekly themes will be sent home so that parents can help reinforce what is being taught at school.


    In addition to Project Wisdom, the staff and I will be implementing the Jefferson 5 Point Creed. Our goal is to ensure that each student memorizes the creed, understands what it takes to live up to the creed in all settings, and help them live it out on a daily basis. 


    Jefferson Creed:


    -        Be Responsible

    -        Do your best each day

    -        Think before you speak

    -        Put others first

    -        Avoid Conflict


    Students having a difficult time following the Jefferson 5 Point Creed will receive a series of progressive consequences; counseled by the principal, break detention, behavioral essay, lunch detention, parent/teacher conference, Student Study Team meeting, after school good citizenship classes, behavior support plan, in-school support room, and suspension. Depending on the severity of the behavior students may start at suspension. If a student receives 3 office referrals or is suspended they will be ineligible for a trimester. Students that are ineligible may not participate in activities such as field trips, Science Camp, graduation activities, attendance at games, parties, dances, special events, participation in co-curricular and athletic activities.