We, the students of TrainaSchool, with equal representation, respect, value, and recognition of allstudents and staff for their individual achievements in all areas, ordain andestablish this constitution of the Associated Student Body of Traina School.

    Article I. Name

    Section 1:

    Thename of this organization shall be the Associated Student body (ASB) of TrainaSchool.

    Section 2:

    Thename of the mascot for all co-curricular activities shall be the Tigers.

    Section 3:

    Theschool colors shall be purple and gold.

    Article II. Purpose

    Thepurpose of this organization shall be to provide process and procedure forstudent voice; to improve and promote student, faculty, and communityinteraction through mutual respect and communication; to increase student inputin all aspects of school management; to provide opportunity and representationfor all academic interests and co-curricular activities; to allow for aflexible government format, and to establish traditions and responsibilitieswhich promote a positive school atmosphere.

    Article III. Membership


    Section 1:Requirements

    Allstudents attending Traina School on a full-time basis, or a minimum of threeclass hours per day, shall be considered members of the Associated Student Bodyof Traina School.


    Section 2:ASB Voting Privileges

    Allmembers shall have the privilege of voting in all major elections, and therights, duties, and responsibilities which this implies.


    Article IV. AssociatedStudent Body Government Structure

    Section 1: Student Council Structure

    The TrainaSchool Student Council will be made up of 16 students (six 8thgraders, four 7th graders, and four 6th graders and twofifth graders). 


    Section 2: Committees

    TheCouncil is divided into three committees, each with specificresponsibilities.  Each member isexpected to serve on one committee. The committees are Public Relations, Community/Fundraising, and SchoolActivities.  In addition to thesecommittees, two Council members will serve as the New Student liaison and willwork with the Office to assist students new to Traina School




    Article V.Elections, Campaigning, Executive Board Selection


    Section 1: Elections

    Memberswill be elected to the Council through grade level elections.  Elections shall be held on the firstTuesday in May.

    TheExecutive Board will be selected by the elected Representatives after the firstregular meeting, and will include a President, Vice-President, Secretary andTreasurer. 


    Section 2: Campaigning

    EachCandidate may campaign as early as four days prior to the election. Campaignposters should be no larger than 2’ x 3’ and should only have the name of thecandidate and the office they desire.


    Article VI. Duties, Powers, and Qualifications of theExecutive

                     Board and ASB Representatives.


    Section 1: Executive Board Duties


    President - The president will run meetings, organizecommittees, act as the student/administration liaison, and oversee otherofficers, all representatives, and all events. The president is responsible forreporting to the Traina School Board monthly at the school board meeting.

    Vice-president - The vice-president will keep records ofattendance at meetings and assist the president with his/her duties as needed.He/She will also be responsible for the student council bulletin board. Onlyeighth graders are eligible for the office of vice-president.

    Secretary - The secretary is responsible for all writtencommunication, including minutes of meetings and correspondence regardingupcoming events. Minutes should be typed or written neatly and copied fordistribution to the other officers, the representatives, and the facultymoderators, in a timely manner.

    Treasurer - The treasurer will help organize fund-raisingactivities and will keep an accurate record of expenditures and income. He/Sheis responsible for maintaining close communication with the school accountantand reporting on the status of student council funds.

    Representatives - Each representative will make a suggestion boxfor his/her classroom and list appropriate suggestions on a separate sheet ofpaper, prior to each weekly meeting. The list of suggestions will be read atthe meeting, then passed on to the student council secretary. Eachrepresentative must arrange a time with the homeroom teacher to give feedbackon the suggestions and to relay other pertinent information to the class.Moderators and officers will check with homeroom teachers to insure thatrepresentatives are meeting their responsibilities.



    Section 2: Budget

    TheASB, consisting of the current Executive Board and members shall adopt a yearlybudget and shall control all ASB funds.


    Section 3: Quorum

    Aquorum in any decision- making body shall be necessary and present and shallconsist of two-thirds of the elected ASB officers and three-fourths of theExecutive Board members.


    Section 4: Academic and BehaviorQualifications

     Executive Board and RepresentativeMembers of the Traina School ASB must have a 3.0 or higher and maintainexcellent citizenship standards. Any student who receives an “F” in any of his or her classes on a reportcard during the year shall face a possible suspension or removal from ASB. Astudent shall be removed from ASB for the remainder of the year for seriousproblems with grades or behavior. Expulsion from the ASB is determined by theASB Executive Board.


    Section 5: Principal Powers

    Theprincipal shall have the right to veto student government programs in mattersregarding school district policy and legality, important academic issues,safety, and the well-being of students of the school.


    Article VII-Vacancies and Recalls


    Section 7: Vacancies in Office

     In the event of a vacancy occurring inthe office of ASB or Class President, the corresponding Vice-President shallassume the duties of that office. In the event of a vacancy occurring in anyother elected ASB or Class office, an election shall be held for these officesprior to the end of the second trimester. For vacancies occurring in ASBoffices after the middle of the spring semester, the ASB Board may appoint astudent to hold that office.


    Section8: Recall

    Therecall of any elected officer shall be initiated upon violation of the terms ofthat officer’s duties and responsibilities, and further proposed by a petitionsigned by two-thirds of the Executive Board and two-thirds of the ASBRepresentatives. An officer who is recalled shall be immediately removed fromoffice. An election/appointment to replace that officer shall be held withinthe following three weeks.


    Article VIII- ASB Advisor


    Section 1: The staff member supervising ASBshall be called ASB Advisor


    Section 2: The ASB Advisor is responsible forattending all meetings, and planned ASB


    Section 3: The ASB Advisor stipend shall benegotiated by ASB members and the advisor(s). A stipend, not exceed $1,000 forthe entire school year is acceptable. In the event that that there areco-advisors, the stipend shall be divided equally between the advisors.


    Article IX- Amendment


    Section 1:Changes to the Constitution

    Alladditions or changes to this Constitution shall require an amendment.


    Section 2: Amendment Process

    Causefor an amendment may be initiated by a petition signed by twenty-five percentof the student body and presented to the ASB Executive Board, or by a petitionsigned by two-thirds of the ASB Executive Board and Representatives.


    Section 3:Ratifying an Amendment

    Amendmentsmust be ratified by a two-thirds vote of the student body voting in anamendment election.

    Article X - Ratification


    Section 1: Proposing

    Aproposed Constitution shall be adopted for presentation to the general studentbody by a majority vote of the members of the ASB Executive Board and ASBRepresentatives provided that a quorum of the ASB Board is present.


    Section 2:Ratifying a New Constitution

    Atgeneral election of the student body, two-thirds of the members who vote mustapprove the new document. When passed, it shall be declared in effect, with theprevious Constitution nullified.