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    Posted by Ben Cooper and Band Students on 4/21/2011
    The following is a list of advice that students from Anthony Traina Band Programs have for you.
    • Don't be loud.
    • Don't talk during class so you'll have more time to play.
    • Practice at home so you can work on improving as a group instead of on separate parts.
    • Practice at least 5 times a week.
    • Practice, practice, practice.
    • Turn in your Practice Logs.
    • Practice your music. It may sound redundant, but it's the way you get better.
    • Always pay attention and be respectful.
    • Always be prepared for everything.
    • Don't get on Mr. Coopers bad side.
    • Playing is way better than standing there and being in trouble.
    • Follow the instructions and do your homework.
    • Ask questions when you need help.
    • Always bring your instrument at all times; even if you are in percussion.
    • Don't play or talk while Mr. Cooper is talking. It's probably something important.
    • Use a metronome.
    • Practice rhythms and practice your concert songs twice everyday.
    • Only join band if you can keep up with your grades.
    • Don't get upset when you can't play a song right away.
    • Do NOT miss concert rehearsals.
    • Keep your music organized so that you don't have to dig through your folder to find what you need.
    • Learn the basics of music theory, no matter how boring it is because it will help later on.
    • Have fun, but don't fool around too much.
    • Make sure you like the instrument your playing.
    • Sign up for honor band.
    • Practice listening to the band to blend in.
    • Try to use variety for interesting sound and tone.
    • Choose an instrument you like so your not in over your head.
    • Mr. Cooper does not like when you goof off and talk!
    • Don't talk it will make things go easier and faster, and will cause less temper tantrums and headache.
    • Band is a commitment that you should treat as a fun experience.
    • Do your homework it affects your grade a lot.
    • If you don't try and practice, you wont succeed.
    • Do your best and forget the rest.
    • Have fun and enjoy your time in band because it goes by fast and you won't be here forever.
    • Practice, Practice, Practice! No seriously, advanced band music can be hard sometimes and you have to practice the music to learn it. 
    • Don't be distracting (If it isn't necessary to be making noise, don't because it ruins other student's ability to learn and follow instructions properly).
    • Don't be negative (you will not only get in trouble, you will also probably ruin someone's self-confidence).
    • You should tongue (separate notes) on your instrument unless it says not to.
    • Don't be influenced by us. Don't talk.
    • Always pay attention, turn your practice logs in every week, and always ask questions.
    • Most of all, make sure this is what you want to do and have fun with it.


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