• Physical Education/Health

    As two components in a comprehensive school health system, physical education and health education should complement each other. Health education focuses on four unifying ideas of health literacy: (1) acceptance of personal responsibility for lifelong health; (2) respect for and promotion of the health of others; (3) an understanding of the process of growth and development; and (4) the informed use of health-related information. Physical education focuses on three goals: (1) movement skills and movement knowledge; (2)self-image and personal development; and (3) social development. A variety of materials and supplies are used to meet the state
    frameworks. The following is the adopted physical education and health curriculum by grade level:

    5th Teen Health You Harcourt Brace
    6th Teen Health Course 1 Glencoe
    7th/8th Teen Health Glencoe
    6-8th Human Kinetics: Fitness for Life (Middle School)