• Jefferson Virtual Academy 

    Independent study is an extension of the district’s K-8 curriculum, and is a method of delivery that is flexible in scheduling and permits more personalized one to one student-teacher and/or small group learning sessions.  Independent study programs are designed to help students who have health problems, have parents with health problems, or who find that regular classroom settings do not meet their needs.  Jefferson Virtual Academy is under the independent study program umbrella. Students follow the independent study structure of initial orientation and completion of an JVA independent study contract, required weekly one-on-one meetings (1 hour per week), and receive weekly assignments, which they complete prior to the subsequent weekly meeting. Unlike traditional independent study, JVA students receive and learn content primarily through on-line courses (Florida Virtual Academy K-5 and Edgenuity 6-8).  They receive additional assistance in their courses through their weekly meetings with the instructor.

    Students enrolled in the JVA program will be assigned a teacher through the JVA Education Center. Students will be placed on long term independent study only if they meet the District criteria.  All students who have an IEP must have a documented meeting with special education staff to determine the appropriateness of this placement.

     When considering a student referral to JVA, a strong level of parent/guardian involvement is needed to ensure the student can attend weekly meetings and will be accountable for progressing through and completing required coursework. With required weekly meetings and the need to complete work independently, students enrolled in JVA need skills in self-discipline, organization, and motivation to be successful in this program. 

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