• Joann Frizzi
    7th and 8th grade math
    839-2380 ext.1122
    jfrizzi@jsdtracy.com  The best way to reach me promptly is via email during school hours.

    To see my grading and other classroom rules and expectations, please refer to this syllabus. 

    http://my.hrw.com Students can access the Student Online Edition. They can practice for quizzes and tests using the Personal Math Trainer.  They can learn how to do the problems by using the Videos.  Parents can also learn how to solve the questions.

    Students log in with their jsdtracy email as their user name. Then, their password is the part of their permanent student ID # that they use in their jsd email.

    https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-7  This site allows several questions of practice every day on grade 7 skills.


    https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-8   This site allows several questions of practice every day on grade 8 skills.



    Homework Grade: completion and showing work is worth 75% and accuracy on one chosen question is 25% of total. For example, if homework is completed and work is shown, they will get 3 pts, and if the selected question is answered correctly, they will receive an additional 1 point for a total of 4 points.


    7th and 8th grade math supply list:
    1 math folders 
    2 packs of Post it notes (3 x 3)
    Pens (black, red & blue only)
    Pencils (Regular or mechanical)
    1 hand pencil sharpener
    Highlighters (of different colors) 
    2 Glue Sticks
    2-3 Dry erase markers 
    1 rolls of Scotch tape
    1 ruler
    1 black Sharpie
    1 pack of colored pencils
    1 pair of scissors
    1 bottle of Hand Sanitizer for class
    1 boxes of tissues for class 




Last Modified on September 25, 2019