• Homework Hotline (call after 4pm): 835-3053 x 1202 

      CLICK HERE FOR A READING LOG Started on Thursday in class and is due the following Thursday.  
    Remember to only turn in QUALITY work:
    * Follow directions
    * Be neat
    * Easy to understand
    * Complete
    * Personal best

    Agenda should be signed each night in pen (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) by a parent or guardian.
    Wednesday Folder:  Sent home on Wednesday.  Please take out all papers, review with your child, sign folder next to correct date (comments are optional) and return folder on Thursday.
    Passport to Literature books...please have your child map out a plan to complete a book for the next passport due date.  (i.e. take the number of pages and divide by how many days are left before the due date.)  Write it down. Post in in his/her bedroom.  Stick to the schedule as faithfully as possible.  If you get off track for a day, that's ok...make up for it the next day or on the weekend.  Planning will ensure success. Passport to Literature information can be accessed from my home page. :)
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    Homework info from Mrs. Gleason HW hotline number is 835-3053 x1202