• Instructional Support Services


    Safety Nets


    A variety of safety nets shall be available to all English Learners in order that each student has additional opportunities outside regular classroom instruction to successfully meet grade level standards.  In addition to remedial instruction, intervention programs should be available to English Learners.  The following is a partial list:


    Ø      Student Success Team (SST): Parents, student and staff members meet to discuss the students strengths and weaknesses, as well as, to provide parents and classroom teacher with additional strategies and identify actions to be taken.

    Ø      Extended Day Classes: Students who are red-flagged as at risk for retention or not meeting grade level benchmarks are provided with small group instruction before or after school.

    Ø      Summer School: Students, not meeting grade level standards or recommended for retention must attend classes during the summer.

    Ø      Conditional Promotion: EL students not meeting standards who have exhibited growth and who in the opinion of the school would be best served through promotion to the next grade level, can be conditionally promoted.  They will receive appropriate interventions each year that they are conditionally promoted.


    Bilingual Paraprofessional


    As an additional safety net, it is vital that EL students who are at risk of not meeting grade level standards have access to the support of qualified bilingual instructional aides.  Consequently, it is essential that bilingual instructional aides be assessed for competence in reading and writing skills in the students primary language and in English.  In this manner the district will be able to develop and maintain bilingual community resources to support EL students needs.  At all times, the bilingual instructional aide shall work directly under the supervision of a classroom teacher.  Duties of bilingual instructional aides include, but are not limited to the following:


    • Assist students individually or in small groups to help insure academic progress.
    • Provide primary language support under the guidance and supervision of a certificated teacher.
    • Assist in the administration of the CELDT.
    • Interpret at Parent/Teacher Conferences, Back-to-Night, Open House and SST meetings as needed.
    • Assist in home/school communications