• District English Learner Policy


    The goal of programs that serve English learners is to effectively, efficiently and rapidly develop English Language proficiency and ensure academic success.  All English learners shall be provided explicit instruction designed to develop proficiency in English (in comprehending, speaking, reading and writing).


    In order to provide equal opportunity for academic achievement and prevent any substantive academic deficits, English learners shall receive instruction in the core curriculum via one or more of the following settings:



    • Structured English Immersion- English learners will receive specific curriculum to acquire English as a second language (ESL).  2001-2002 review of state adopted programs including Scott Foresman, Hampton Brown, English Express, etc.


    • English Mainstream with Support- A program with native English speakers for English learners who have acquired some fluency in English as measured by the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) level 3.  English Language Learners receive all instruction in English with SDAIE and ELD techniques.


    • Mainstream- A program with native English learners for English learners who already have acquired reasonable fluency in English as determined by the CEDLT levels 4 and 5.  Instruction is entirely in English without ELD or SDAIE techniques.


    • English Language Development (ELD)- A program in which instruction promotes the acquisition of comprehending, speaking, reading and writing skills at the English Learners level of English proficiency.


    • Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) Instruction is provided in two or more core classes, which is taught to English Learners deigned to increase the comprehension of that core content.


    • Primary Language Support (PLS)- Program is designed to support students in comprehension when or if needed.  Instruction in all programs is predominantly in English and that is the primary reason for PLS.


    Site administrators are responsible for insuring that all English learners receive the appropriate instructional services. All student placements will be based upon parental choice, language assessment and previous educational experience.  Parental involvement in any decisions regarding the education of their children is critical to the students academic success.



    English Learner Staffing and Professional Development


    All teachers assigned to provide instruction to English Learners shall meet or be in training to meet qualifications established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (BCLAD, CLAD, or SB1969 authorization).  A maximum of three years is allowed for a non-CLAD teacher to receive authorization.  The Director of Human Resources shall oversee the BCLAD, CLAD and SB1969 process (CCR EL Item 6).


    All personnel who work with English Learners, including administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals shall receive professional development in the areas of ELD, SDAIE and the district master plan for English learners.  Professional development will be arranged by the site principals.  Staff Development days as well as other professional growth opportunities may be utilized.