• RFQ Questions and Answers:


    1. Can letters of recommendation come from non-completed projects (projects in progress)? (Item #9, page 6 of RFQ) Yes, but preference will be given to letters from completed projects.
    2. Will the five (5) letters of recommendation be included in the 25-page count? (Item #9, page 6 of RFQ) No
    3. Can you clarify the RFQ’s definition of State-funded schools (money provided from the State on the project or projects that would qualify for State funding [CDE, OPSC])? Are we to provide a list of each of them? (Item #10b, page 6 of RFQ) Projects that meet the requirements of the OPSC to be eligible to apply to for State funding.
    4. What is the definition of “school projects completed under the State School Building Program”? Are these projects that received State funds, are eligible for State funds, were submitted to CDE and/or OPSC? Are we to provide a list of each of them? (Item 10a, page 6 of RFQ) Projects that meet the requirements of the CDE and/or OPSC to be eligible to receive State funding. The District will accept projects completed in the past 10 years.
    5. With the passage of SB496, which went into effect January 1 of this year, the indemnity provisions included in the RFQ are not compliant with the newly amended Civil Code 2782.8, which governs indemnity provisions for design professionals. Is the District willing to renegotiate that portion of the agreement in order to comply? YES
    6. Is the District willing to accept an umbrella policy in order to meet the $2 million requirement for Commercial General Liability insurance as stated in the agreement? Yes
    7. Page 6, item 6 of the RFQ requests a litigation, arbitration and termination history. What period of time would you like us to include here, i.e. history in the last five years, ten years, etc? 7 years is sufficient
    8. The subject RFQ has requirements referencing the State Building Program and state-funded school projects within the last 3 years. As the State of California has only begun funding projects again in the last year, there would be a very limited number of projects completed statewide. Would the District consider broadening this requirement to 10 years so as to cover a time period that takes into account the lack of state funding from 2012-2017? Yes
    9. Would the District consider reallocating the percentages for work complete as follows:

      Schematic Design Phase:10% (no change)

      Design Development Phase:15% (no change)

      Construction Docs Phase:40% (change from 35%)

      DSA Approval:  5% (no change)

      Bidding Phase:5% (change from 2%)

      Construction Admin:22% (change from 25%)

      Project Close-Out 3% (change from 8%) No