Please read the syllabus.  The link is on my overview page.
    For math homework assignments, see the calendar page.  :)
    Students MUST show work for every question in everything (classwork, homework, and tests) they do.  They must show work: on the line, or in the margin, or on an attached sheet of lined or graph paper. If they do not, they will only get half credit for the assignment.  On tests, even if they have the correct answer, if no work is shown they will only get half credit.
    Answers for selected question in the text are on page SA1-SA15.  There is also a glossary and an index in the back of the text book.  Students are encouraged to utilize these resources to make sure they are on the right track in their assignments.  This is also why they must show work to demonstrate their own effort and learning. 
    California Common Core Standards for Mathematics are listed just inside your or your student's math text book on pages CA2-CA9.
    Access to the online text and videos and personal math trainer: 
    http://my.hrw.com Students can access the Student Online Edition. They can practice for quizzes and tests using the Personal Math Trainer.  The can learn how to do the problems by using the Videos.  Parents can also learn how to solve the questions.

    To log in:   go to  https://my.hrw.com/

    Students log in with their jsdtracy email. Their password is the 5 number portion of their jsdtracy email or their full student ID number.

    For math help:  If you would like to schedule a quick tutorial for yourself (with your child) after school, I am available usually Wednesday and Thursday after the dismissal for drop in help until 3:30.   If your child or you would like to drop by throughout the year, I'm more than happy to help you. I encourage students who plan to come by to tell me during their class period, so I can tell them if I have a meeting or something that interferes.  If a parent wants to come by, please email to make sure that I will be in the room.
    Get into good habits.  Students who have taken too much advantage of the grace period to turn in work, have sometimes been forgetting to turn it in at all.  Students should complete work the day it is assigned. Every student is reminded to turn in work every day in class or we grade it on the spot.  No one is unsure if they did it or not. Check Aeries for missing work while the module is still open to turn it in.  The teacher is actively teaching during the 45 minute class and cannot check everyone's grades to see if they may have a missing assignment when students walk up and ask.  The student is responsible to know if they haven't turned their assignment.  If they are unsure, they should check Aeries.  Every student has their username and password memorized.
Last Modified on September 4, 2019