• Dear Parents/Guardians,
       To check availability or reading level on a book, click here: http://www.arbookfind.com. This can also be found on the Jefferson School District Website homepage.  Students need to be reading a book at their reading level or slightly above at school (10-15 minutes/day) and at home at least 15-20 minutes per day. This book should be brought back and forth to school each day as it will also be read during silent reading time or possibly after a major test in any subject.  I will assign reading levels based on each student’s reading range (ZPD) which will be based on a STAR reading test taken at the beginning of school. Students will be notified of their reading level and should write it in their agenda for reference and goal setting.  
    Passport To Literature Information and links:
    Genres (12 books in all) Genres for Passport (click here) may be read in any order.
    Passport to Literature Summaries should be written on the lined side of a white 3" x 5" index card at home, brought to school, and then glued opposite the book's information page in the Passport.  (click here)