• Bus Passes

    The Transportation Department is gearing up for the 2018-19 school year.


    If you are planning to have your child ride the bus to and/or from school, you will need to purchase a bus pass for them. For your convenience, we are enclosing a Bus Pass Application form. The cost break down is on the application.  You can mail this form along with payment to the Student Services Department at 1219 Whispering Wind Dr., Tracy, Ca.95377 or you can bring the application and payment to our office. Bus passes must be purchased prior to use of the transportation system. You should purchase your bus pass as soon as possible and before school starts. The Bus Pass will be mailed home along with route information, that way your child will have their pass and bus stop information for the first week of school. Remember that all students will have to show their bus pass before getting on the bus.  There will be no refunds on the bus passes unless your child comes down with a serious illness, injury or you move out of our district. Bus passes must be returned upon request for a refund.


    If your child’s bus pass is lost, you may purchase a new one for $2.00. If your child is caught using someone else’s pass he or she could lose their riding privileges.


    The same rules for riding the bus will apply. Copies of those rules are enclosed. Please go over them with your child(ren). No refund will be given if student-riding privileges are suspended due to behavioral problems or violations of the bus rules.


    Applications must be filled out completely and legibly, including zip code and proper payment must be made before a bus pass will be issued. Bus passes must be purchased PRIOR to use of the transportation system.


    If you have any questions regarding general transportation information, please call the Transportation Office at (209) 835-3968.  For bus passes or route stops and times, please call (209) 836-4531.