• Our current textbook offers a wide variety of additional resources to help students who are struggling on a particular problem or topic. The online text book (Course 2) is found at the site below:
        website:     my.hrw.com
        login:         mathh1
        password:  Jefferson
    1. Choose a chapter.
    2. There are three tabs you can choose from:
      1. Book Pages - allows you to view the entire student textbook in English or Spanish
      2. Additional Practice - offers you the following two categories:
        1. Chapter Resources
          1. Student Resources
            1. Interactive Practice Test - provides your child the opportunity to take a practice test and recieve immediate feedback.
            2. Extra Practice - same as the pages in the back of the book
            3. Know-it Notebook - same as the notebook each student was given at the beginning of the year
            4. Spanish Know-it Notebook
          2. Intervention and Enrichment
            1. Are You Ready? Intervention and Enrichment - Extra practice by skill
            2. Ready to Go On? Intervention and Enrichment - Extra practice by lesson number
          3. Internet Resources
            1. Multilingual Glossary Online
            2. Chapter Project Online
            3. Lab Resources Online - extra practice using manipulatives
            4. Career Resources Online-
        2. Lesson Resources
          1. Has the same contents as the Chapter Resources, but specific to each lesson
          2. Includes Workbook page Practice B
      3. Videos and Activities - offers you the following:
        1. Lesson Tutorial Videos - Holt authors explain every example in the Student Edition
        2. Interactivities - Interactive tutorials explore key concepts and skills.
        3. Tools -  online math tools include virtual algebra tiles and a graphing calculator.