Jefferson School District

Academic Programs

Reclassification of EL Students to Fluent English Proficient


The Reclassification Process


  • The reclassification process occurs annually in the Fall of each year.  It is initiated and conducted by the bilingual instructional aide and site administration.  The redesignation of newly enrolled EL students may take place throughout the year.


  • The bilingual instructional aide will initially screen potential students for reclassification by identifying those meeting or exceeding the proficient status in ELA and Math in the California State Tests (CSTs).
    • The bilingual instructional aide will send the students teachers a district redesignation form asking for current grades and writing sample.


  • The decision to reclassify based on formal and informal observation is made by the SST team which includes the: classroom teacher, instruction aide, principal/vice-principal, parents and student.
    • Reclassification forms should be filed in the bilingual folder.



The Reclassification Follow-Up Review


Students who have been reclassified to R-FEP status have their academic performance reviewed by the site in the third trimester of the year of classification, as well as, after one year of reclassification.  The follow-up process is conducted by the bilingual instructional aide and involves the review of achievement through scores and grades at a level equal to the average English-only student population.


Reclassified students not maintaining academic progress retain their R-FEP status, but must be provided additional remedial instruction available to students in the regular program in order to alleviate the specific areas of underachievement.  They shall be provided opportunities for interventions such as bilingual resource assistance, extended day, and/or summer school.